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Our Agenda


As a candidate for U.S. Representative, I am committed to making a difference in Northwest Indiana.  Aa a politician, a husband, a father I am devoted to God & loving my family just as many of you are. Just like you I've been economically impacted by the very policies that are eroding communities across the nation brought on by the democrats' wiliness to sacrifice American families for Illegal Immigration and the adoption of socialism. That's why I am dedicated to serving the people of my district and making a positive impact on our communities here in Northwest Indiana to bring true conservative values and morals. I believe in transparency, accountability, and working together to create a brighter future for everyone.


Education is the foundation of our future. In today's generation it is evidently clear that leftist school policies are succeeding in poisoning the young minds of children with hate, socialism and sexual indoctrination, I believe it's time to cut the cord by holding those schools accountable and investing in American parents freedom to choose what is best for their families,


Access to affordable healthcare is a fundamental right. I will support President Trump's policy to replace Obamacare with policies that are competitive and will help reduce costs for Americans ensure quality healthcare for all anywhere, regardless of income or pre-existing conditions,

Social Justice

We must work towards eliminating the self-victimization of American society that has infiltrated every government, corporate entity and our institutions of learning. I will fight to strip immunity and prosecute those member's of congress who engage & incite in domestic terrorism along with the organizations who fund these tirades in order to destabilize the American Republic.


Protecting our environment is crucial for our health and well-being. I support policies that promote eliminating leftist Green New Deal agendas that would seriously have a devastating effect on global environment and climate.  Focusing instead on renewable uses of fossil fuels and fusion energy.


I fully support cutting international spending in foreign wars and implementing a retro - active interest-bearing return on investments for all countries receiving American tax-payer funding. I support policies that create jobs, bring competitive wages, and promote small businesses. Our economy should work for everyone and by removing the red tape that businesses need to expand operations into local and rural communities will help bring growth.


American sovereignty at the border must be our first order of business to protecting our country and restoring order. Our Infrastructure is the backbone of our nation. I support policies that invest in our roads, bridges, and public transportation systems that help create jobs and improve our  access to our communities and economy.




Together, let's bring America First Again for our families!

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