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Parents are the last line of defense for their children and nothing is more important then making sure that Parents have the rights to ensure their children are receiving the proper education that meets their expectation when it comes to curriculum and morals


We must uphold the United States Constitution in making sure that foreign policy does not come before the rights of Americans to reject such policies proposed especially if those policies do not coincide or infringe on those rights by limiting executive branch authority without approval of the congress.


Healthcare reform is needed to protect our Veterans as well as our American families right to choose not only their respective providers but the quality of the care they deserve as right throughout the nation.  The right to try alternative procedures, methods and medications have for too long have been  burdened every American with high costs. 


Pushing for Immigration reforms that protect our borders and put a focus on the benefits of American communities first.  While passing legislation holding foreign governments accountable for willfully encouraging the encroachment of their citizens onto United States soil.


Establishing beneficial funding while cutting the heavy tax burdens for middle class and lower income Northwest Indiana Hoosier communities in order to flourish in the growth of business opportunities with a focus on employment expansion and increased area revenue growth & budgeting for local revitalization projects which are essential to our economic recovery as Hoosiers and our country.


Ensuring legislation is passed to build reliability and good faith in our electoral process on a national scale is key to effectively eliminating increased voter fraud, illegal tampering and meddling in our elections by foreign and domestic entities and parties.

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